travel-kidsTripping Mom is about inspiring parents to make their life a practical example of living passionately to their children.

We can only want to get everything that life has to offer us: nature, abundance, happiness, health and a relevant education for our children.

Traditional schooling is not good for our children anymore and there are loads of resources we can use to take the world education to the next level and really make the difference we want to see happen.

On this blog you will find me watching the way I raise my kid, the way others do, studying and being alert to what´s going on in the depths of our behavior.

What we like to call instincts is usually our culture speaking through our unconscious responses. I like to write and expose when an accepted ¨instinct¨ is actually keeping us from evolving.

I´m completely devoted to be a work in progress while I search and apply what I can to improve my daughter´s life and education.

Right now, we are living in a different country, where she is learning two languages and we can have an international experience together.

Now let me talk a little bit about myself

I´m a single mom of a 5-year old girl (I´m 34). I am a surfer, I play the guitar, read a lot and watch movies.

I´m very grateful for the fact that I can spend the first years of my daughter completely at her service. I work on anything that can provide me an income with flexible hours. Lately it´s been with internet marketing, translations and language lessons (while going from frugal to extremely frugal).

Spending a lot of quality time with my daughter is always my priority when I´m managing my time.

I make sure she has a life close to nature and that we exercise every day. We go on bike rides and we swim practically daily. We have to walk slowly together, as we pick up flowers on the way (it sure makes me impatient sometimes…).

I believe that if all the mothers out there had the same opportunity as me (spending lots of time with their kids), the world would be a better place, for the time spent giving, receiving and learning together at home is precious and irreplaceable.

We spent one year and a half in Costa Rica and we are now keeping the Pura Vida in Brazil.

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tracw32When I chose this name for the blog, I had the word “trip” in mind, as in traveling with your body and with your mind. An effective way to learn a lot about oneself and the world is traveling. Traveling together with our children is fantastic.

I knew it was about a psychedelic experience too, and one of the definitions in Wikipedia fits very well what I want with this blog: “The psychedelic experience is characterized by the creative exuberance of the mind liberated from its ordinary restraints”.

That´s exactly it! Moms should inspire some mind liberation in their kids and everyone else.

I want us all to liberate our minds from ordinary restraints. Although psychedelic trips usually involve drugs (and I didn´t want to come across as a junkie mom for the blog title), the truth is we can achieve greater states of mind just by meditating.

But don´t let the word meditation here remind you of any specific meditation. My meditation is the active-live-the-present meditation. The name says it all. By focusing on the present you can surely start tripping…

traveling-with-kids123What I love tripping about is a better world for our kids. I think of many different ways we can all join together and teach our kids the very necessary values of life.

The most important ones are about thinking for oneself, respecting life in all forms and being happy.

Somewhere along the way we got lost and stopped teaching these basic things. The schools will show the kids WHAT to think but not HOW to think. Most of us, now adults, were not taught to think independently.

The life of people and nature in general is being disrespected every second of our lives. We are killing each other in wars and we are ending the planet´s resources. Somehow we have become numb to all of this and our kids are going in the same direction

Happiness is no longer considered essential. People can live lives without it. How is that so?

We carry cultural behaviors that have no relationship to the needs of the people and the survival of the planet.

All this makes me trip about inspiring other parents to look for the best valuable stimuli to give to our kids. I trip about us sharing our experiences and making a change in the world.

I´m always reflecting on my actions and reactions with my little girl.

We have such a great responsibility towards the future. Chilean biologist and philosopher Humberto Maturana explains this well: “The future doesn´t lie with kids, but with the adults taking care of the kids”.

We need to start spreading the word more on relevant education. It´s not a matter of opinion and culture rights, it´s a matter of serving the basic needs to nurture our minds and bodies and our home, the planet Earth.

Let´s stop teaching absurd concepts of countries and borders, all stolen from previous cultures. Let´s stop worshipping flags and differences, let´s never teach patriotism, for this is the first seed of prejudice.

Let´s not let our kids accept that there are billions of people hungry today, kids dying of curable diseases every day. Let´s make room in our kid´s minds and hearts to fight for the equality of all people and use the Earth´s resources intelligently.

Let´s help each other on this quest for knowledge, wisdom, freedom and adventure! Join me!

(Can you believe I had this all ready one week ago? I decided to wait for the full moon to launch Tripping Mom. Here I go, tripping again…)