Non Traditional Student and Mom of 2… Not so easy!

The post title should really say it all. I’m at the end of my first semester as a “non-traditional” college student, meaning I’m an adult learner, not attending full-time on a typical class schedule, not alongside all those fresh-out-of-high-school students.

Nope, none of that. I go to a college where most of the students are in their late 20′s to 50′s, many of whom have families and work full-time jobs. The school offers a few online classes as well as “group study” classes which

The school offers a few online classes as well as “group study” classes which is like a shrunken classroom setting with maybe 4-5 students, but most of the courses are “guided independent study.”

These are courses in which a professor assigns a textbook and the student pretty much reads cover to cover by the end of the semester, with assignments and tests in between. There aren’t such things as midterms or finals.. but there are 10+ page research papers for almost each course.

This semester, I’m taking 1 online course and 3 “guided independent study” courses. GEEZ! When I registered I thought, hey! I can do this! I’ll learn and study when the kids sleep! HAAAAA who was I kidding?? When I started this semester, my toddler decided to stop napping. Thankfully a month later I got her back into the routine. But then I add my infant son to the mix and that equals NO time to do what I need to! Thank God I’m renting my books…

I’ve always believed in nursing on demand and foregoing any kind of schedule for my children as newborns but what that’s left me with is my super-clingy-wants-to-comfort-suck-and-stare-at-mommy’s-face-24-7-and-cries-if-she’s-two-feet-away 5-month-old son! I love you Michael but Mommy needs an education!

I don’t know how I’ve managed to get as far as I have with this semester’s coursework but as much as I’ve done, I’m completely behind. I just wrote a list for myself of all the things I have to do by next Wednesday, 12/19 and I’m overwhelmed. I won’t lie, I have some things overdue by a few days, on top of things due within the next upcoming days which means double the work for me but with the kids, I can only wonder how that will happen!

It’s not like I can just push them off to my hubby either because he went back to school as well and although he’s much older than most of the other students, he DID go back as a full-time traditional student. So where does this random, off-topic, rant of a blog post leave me? On a Monday night, or dare I say it, Tuesday morning at 2 am with sleeping children, a sleeping husband, and me alone with my textbooks…. What did I get myself into.

……..At least I have a holiday vacation to look forward to. Smoky Mountains, here I come!